At last year’s Nation’s Triathlon in Washington DC, I was struck by an idea: why wasn’t there a great-tasting, organic sports drink on the market?  Over the years, I’ve seen numerous approaches to sports drinks, but few were certified organic.

When I finish a triathlon, I want a clean-tasting sports drink that does three simple things, 1) quenches my thirst, 2) replenishes electrolytes and 3) refuels the carbs I have expended during my run.  With this in mind, we wanted to create an organic sports drink that meets my standards, while also conforming to the standards for a sports drink laid out by The American College of Sports Medicine. And in keeping with our commitment to Fair Trade, we made sure that we sweetened it with fruit juice and Fair Trade Certified™ sugar, making it distinctly Honest® both in mission and in its “just a tad sweet®” taste .  The result is Honest Sport™, which launches this month. The line comes in three refreshing and delicious organic varieties – Lemon, Orange, and Berry.

I see Honest Sport as a return to our roots: my decision to launch Honest Tea was triggered by a thirst created after a run in 1997 in Central Park after I couldn’t find anything to satisfy my need for a drink that tasted less sweet. I then reached out to my former Yale School of Management Professor, Barry Nalebuff, who agreed that something was missing in the beverage coolers and suggested the name Honest Tea. The rest is history.

And in keeping with our roots, we will be launching Honest Sport initially in Whole Foods stores in the Mid-Atlantic region – our home market where most Honest products got their start.  If Honest Sport takes off – and we are optimistic that it will – we expect to see the line expand across the country. We look forward to helping athletes everywhere get a little more Honest.

Honestly yours,