Your questions – answered!

(1)Does the sugar your company using (in the drinks) from corn,is it GMO?

We adopt cane sugar and fructose syrup in our drinks ,the fructose syrup is from cassava,not corn.It is more healthy,non GMO

(2) Can you do our local language in the label?

Yes. We could put stickers of your company info on the bottles in your local language as your request. But there will be extra cost for the stickers. If the trial order will sell very good, then we can discuss if you can be our exclusive agent in your market and then add your language to new label with your company information, then no need the stickers anymore!

(3)Do you support private labels? We want to do our own brand for our market.

Yes. But usually we don’t accept OEM now because of the advanced machine, and houssy focus on self-brand building with very good markets in many countries. For private label, The MOQ will be two containers each flavor, and also take 1200USD for label cost. And delivery time will be at least 45 days after we get the deposit and the confirmation of labels

Choose Houssy, you don't have to pay extra cost of private labels, and the delivery time will be shorter at about 35 days, and if we have goods in stock, it will be even much faster. Besides, We can provide fast delivery, good payment term, mix flavours and strong marketing supports.

(4)Do you have COA report of your products?

Yes,we have COA reports for all of our products that our laboratory can offer.We have our own aloe vera farms and laboratory department,we can supply every specification of our product to customers to prove the quality.